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4 Merits of Using Used Pallets in Your Business

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Does your business involve the movement of items or machines? Then you can never underestimate the importance of used pallets in your business. They are crucial for easily offloading and loading items. They are also vital for storing your goods. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using used pallets in your business.  1. Durability and strength Items such as machinery and food shipments are heavy. You can rely on the strength of second-hand pallets for transporting such items. Read More»

Why Traditional Wooden Pallets Are Perfect For Your Modern, Eco-Friendly Warehouse

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Environmental damage and climate change caused by human activity are some of the defining issues of our time, and more and more commercial interests are reducing both their carbon footprints and their bad public relations by making their businesses eco-friendly. Commercial warehouses and storage units aren’t immune to this trend, and if you own and/or operate a warehouse, you can make a number of upgrades that will make your warehouse more eco-friendly and reduce the amount of energy it consumes. Read More»