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Top Reasons to Replace Above-Ground HVAC Ductwork with Underground Piping

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If you are building a new home, it is essential to discuss your piping installation options with an HVAC contractor. It is because different HVAC piping methods are designed to achieve specific demands. One installation technique that is gaining popularity is underground HVAC piping. Why should you be concerned with this HVAC piping technique? Read on for insight into the reasons for such interest.

Aesthetic Interiors

Interior ductwork needs a strategic approach because it can interfere with a home's interior aesthetics. However, as much as HVAC contractors try to keep the rumble associated with internal air conditioning piping to a minimum, the noise is not eliminated entirely. On the other hand, contractors that install the piping system underground do not have to worry about messing with the interior aesthetics. Burying ductwork underground, therefore, eliminates the jungle of ductwork, some of which might be visible below ceilings and behind furniture. When it is time to discuss HVAC installation, therefore, insist on underground HVAC piping for an improved interior aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

All air conditioning equipment manufacturers claim to design the most energy-efficient systems on the market. That said, temperature fluctuations could significantly affect exposed piping, consequently leading to increased energy consumption. For instance, sub-zero temperatures can freeze up the pipes and force the air conditioner to work extra hard to deliver warm air. However, you do not have to worry about the issue with underground ductwork because underground temperatures remain constant when you are six feet below ground. The HVAC central control system takes advantage of this consistency to heat and cool the building with as little energy as possible. For instance, you do not have to raise the temperature of water flowing through the pipes to prevent it from freezing, and this goes a long way in saving you hundreds of dollars.

Frees up Space

Space is an issue most homeowners grapple with ,especially today when lots are shrinking in size, and consequently houses, too. Unfortunately, above-ground HVAC ductwork does not help much because the piping takes up too much space. If the piping is rather heavy, there has to be a supporting structure, which further takes up more space. The same happens in HVAC piping running through walls. Underground ductwork eliminates this and frees up space that a homeowner could use. For example, by burying the piping system, you free up space in the ceiling, which you can convert to an attic room or skylight. Additionally, without ductwork running through non-load bearing walls, it is easy to knock the walls down for a modern, open floor plan.