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Why Many Industries Favour the Use of Powder Coating over Wet Paint

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Powder coating is the preferred surface protection system for a wide variety of fabricated metal products across industries, including the appliance, automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer product, building construction, marine, aerospace, and many more industries. Almost every metallic product that traditionally required a paint finish can now be powder-coated. There are a variety of different reasons many industries are ditching traditional wet-applied paint for powder coating systems. Read on below to get yourself acquainted with some of the top reasons powder coating comes out on top in the powder versus wet paint debate. 

Powder Coating Is a Safer Choice for the Environment

As players in key manufacturing industries across the world strive to provide their customers with high-performance metal products, they are also under pressure to minimise the impact of their industrial processes on the environment. One thing that makes powder coating a superior choice over traditional solvent-based paint is the absence of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the powder. Powder coating systems don't have the VOCs, which are contained in the solvents used to deliver a paint finish. This quality helps with minimising the detrimental impact of wet paint application on the environment.

Powder Coating Performs Better and Lasts Longer

One of the ways that metal fabricators can increase the performance and longevity of their products is to use finishes that offer superior protection against the elements. Powder coating delivers an extremely durable single-coat finish that multiple coats of wet paint can't outperform and outlast. The dry powder is oven-baked at high temperatures to maximise the ability of metal products to resist external damage while minimising the maintenance requirement of the products.

Powder Coating Minimises Waste Generated From the Finishing Process

Overspray generated from the application of powder on metal surfaces can be reclaimed for reuse. This is because any powder that doesn't adhere to the substrate material can be collected and reused. This allows for the maximum utilisation of the finishing product, making powder coating a cost-efficient finishing option for metallic products. Powder coating does the same job as traditional liquid paint, only that it is applied in powder form. Powder-coated products are everywhere around you, from the appliances that you use in your home to the building that you live in to the vehicles and airplanes that you use for transportation.

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