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The Main Advantages of Automatic Labelling Machines

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With the advent of automatic labelling equipment, the industrial sector no longer needs to rely on manual labour for packaging applications. These machines can be pre-programmed with different label specifications to allow for printing and application of labels on design components without using manpower.

The growing use of automatic labelling machines in the industrial world can be attributed to the many fantastic benefits they bring. Read along to find out why you should use these machines to meet your packaging needs.

Consistent label quality

One of the biggest advantages of automating your industrial labelling processes is that you can eliminate the risk of human error. Once you have entered your label specifications in a computer, the labels printed or applied on your products will match your exact needs. 

The best part is that you can maintain a consistent label quality across client orders every time. 

Fast turnaround

A high work rate is required in high-volume packaging applications. Automatic labelling machines can print or apply labels at a much faster speed than is possible with many manual label applicators. Plus, automatic machines don't need to take breaks between work shifts as human beings do.

As you can get more labels done per unit of time, automatic labelling helps you complete large client orders faster.

Labour savings

Labour costs can take up a significant percentage of your overall operating expenses so it's important to look for ways to minimise them. With automatic labelling machines, you can save on labour that would be required to print labels manually. 

Cost savings 

While the upfront cost of buying automatic labelling equipment can be quite high, the associated long-term cost savings justify the expense. By eliminating the need for manpower to handle labelling tasks, automatic labelling machines can save you a lot of money on direct labour costs.


Different parts and products have different label specifications that labelling machines should meet. Depending on your labelling requirements, you may choose from a wide selection of standard automatic labelling machines that are defined to match the needs of different users. If you can't find a machine that matches your specific requirements, you can always get a custom-built version.

As industrial clients become more nitpicky with the quality of labelling on their parts or products, it is becoming increasingly important to find ways to meet their needs. Automatic labelling machines not only help to maintain a consistent label quality but also lead to fast turnaround and savings on labour and money. If you need automatic labelling solutions for your industrial applications, talk to an expert about your needs.

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