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Why Metal Fabricators Love Working with Steel

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When it comes to metal fabrication projects, metal fabricators have dozens of different kinds of metals and alloys they can work with. Each metal or alloy metal has unique physical and mechanical properties that lend themselves to particular applications and not others. 

With such a wide variety of metals to choose from, have you ever wondered why some metals are preferred over others?

Steel is one of the most popular materials used for metal fabrication. The widespread use of steel by metal fabricators is largely attributable to the many advantages of steel that make it a good choice for different applications.

Continue reading to discover the main benefits of steel.

Steel is strong

Strength is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'steel', and rightly so because steel is the strongest known alloy. This explains why steel is the go-to material in applications that require maximum strength. 

Steel is durable

Steel is not just strong but also remarkably durable. It has an exceptional ability to maintain its high strength even when subjected to extreme temperatures and severe loading conditions. It also resists fire and will not be burned to ashes under fire conditions. These qualities make steel the ultimate in strength and durability.

In applications requiring maximum corrosion resistance, stainless steel can be used. This grade of steel is sufficiently reactive to form a passive layer over the underlying metal surface. This layer protects the substrate steel from further attack by corrosion-causing elements (oxygen and moisture/water).

Steel is flexible

Despite its high strength, steel is ductile and malleable. As a result, it can be converted into almost any shape or design you want, making it possible for the metal to be used in multiple applications.

Steel is cost-effective

Some people shy away from using fabricated steel parts or products because they consider the required upfront costs to be too high. While this may be true, the longer life of steel products and the lower level of maintenance they require throughout their life makes them a cheaper option than comparable alternatives.

In the long run, it may make financial sense to spend more initially and spend less later.

Steel is recyclable

Once processed, steel can be fully recycled fully and infinitely reused without losing its intrinsic qualities. Plus, the durability of steel products reduces the need for virgin steel required for the replacement of end-of-life products. These factors combined make steel a sustainable choice of material for metal fabrication purposes.

If you're considering using steel for your next metal fabrication job, contact metal fabricators near you to discuss your specific project requirements.