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Mailing Tubes: Four Central Tips for Avoiding Document Shipping Mishaps

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If you are having trouble with shipping large documents, you should acquire mailing tubes. This packaging product is perfect for handling paper materials which do not fit into a regular envelope. Moreover, it is suitable for protecting documents that can fit into an envelope but would be damaged during the shipping process. If you are unfamiliar with mailing tubes, you might not be able to use them effectively on your first try. Here are core tips to avoid mishaps when shipping.

Measure the Documents

The dimensions of your document will determine the best mailing tube size for your needs. Keep in mind that the wrong size will result in damage to the items. Simply speaking, if the tubing is too small, the ends of the documents will be under stress. This could lead to fraying and tearing. On the other hand, if the tube is too large, the rolled papers or posters will unravel. They will be unstable within the tube, increasing the risk of damage. Therefore, measure your documents and determine the orientation in which you will roll it. Then, choose a matching tube size for shipping.

Evaluate the Appearance

You should consider the appearance of the mailing tubes when choosing a mailing tube with documents. There are different colours and patterns available for commercial and personal use. In general, it is advisable to choose plain mailing tubes as the standard for your needs. Simple brown or white tubes are perfect for commercial usage such as sending business documents. However, there are alternative designs to consider with diverse colours. You can choose these when shipping special posters or other similar items.

Prevent Document Loss

It is important to protect the documents against loss during the shipping process. If the mailing tube is not secured correctly, the materials could fall out during handling. Also, unscrupulous individuals might open the tubes and check the contents. Therefore, you should opt for mailing tubes with caps for closing the ends. These caps should cover the ends perfectly and remain stable. There are also tubes with crimped ends. Regardless of your choice, consider using tape to further secure the documents.

Avoid Additional Charges

Finally, you should think about the weight of the mailing tubes and potential effect on the shipping charges. If the tubes are considerably heavy, there will be additional charges above the standard shipping rates. You can avoid losses by choosing lighter tubes for your documents unless it is necessary to purchase high-density alternatives for heavy loads.