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Why Diamond Core Drills Are So Popular

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When it comes to drilling, there are many different products on the market that offer increasingly impressive statistics about how effective they are and what their capabilities can be. However, only one type of material can truly be said to be head-and-shoulders above the pack, and that is, of course, diamond. Diamond is known for having inherent qualities that make it perfect for core drills, which makes the marriage between them just make sense. If you are considering buying diamond core drills, then here are three reasons that show why you are not alone in getting this popular type of attachment.

Better Than Man-Made Alternatives

Generally, when you discuss the best or toughest materials that make up the equipment used in construction sites, you are talking about alloys and synthetic options that are man-made. However, in this case, nature made the original best material for this, as diamond is known as the hardest substance that humans can currently utilise. That hardness makes it perfect for cutting through tough material that could blunt other types of core drills. It also means that diamond core drills have a longer life expectancy than their less robustly made companions made of only metal. 

Reliable At Slow Speeds

Unlike other types of drilling or construction work where speed is of the essence, when it comes to core drilling, you want to be slow and steady. This ensures you get a proper cut that is even and will not collapse. Other drill bits can have a tendency to get stuck when going so slow, but diamond core drills are reliable at any speed. As long as they are properly lubricated, diamond core drills can last throughout hundreds, if not thousands of uses (depending on the material, of course). 

Re-Tipping And Maintenance

Unlike some other types of core drills, diamond core drills can be repaired even after they have stopped working properly. That is because often core drills stop working because the tips get covered in dust or other material and stop them from cutting effectively. Many different types of tool maintenance services exist, and they can all help you re-tip your diamond core drills for a fraction of the price of buying a new one. Never throw out a drill bit before taking it to an expert, as this can lead to thousands of dollars worth of wasted parts over several years. 

To learn more, contact a resource that carries diamond core drills.