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7 Glass Items to Replace With Perspex When Baby Proofing Your Home

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Are you thinking of removing the glass objects in your home in preparation for the arrival of a baby? With the use of Perspex, you can replace your glass objects at least temporarily, until your baby is older. Perspex is a much safer alternative to glass.

Unlike glass, Perspex is:

  • Light
  • Durable
  • Shatter-resistant

These qualities make Perspex objects the ideal replacement, temporary or not, for glass objects when you have a young baby wandering your home. With the use of Perspex, you can replace the following objects in time for your baby's arrival.

1. Glass Tables

Since babies like to bang objects on surfaces to show their joy, glass tables and coffee tables are dangerous to have around. Instead of a glass table, you could order some Perspex sheets and create your own acrylic table.

But if you don't have the right tools to cut and shape acrylic yourself, you could either have it custom-made for you, or you could simply use it to protect your glass surfaces. With the addition of Perspex sheets, your glass surfaces and tables will be safe for your baby. Perspex is much more impact-resistant than glass!

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are fascinating for babies. But a baby's curiosity can lead to accidents if they get too carried away. That doesn't mean you have to remove mirrors entirely though. Some Perspex manufacturers can also provide you with mirrored acrylic. This will allow you to order a custom sheet of mirrored Perspex so your baby can explore the joys of mirrors.

3. Picture Frames

It's nice to have pictures of the family around. Your baby will likely be interested in your picture frames, however. Especially if those picture frames contain pictures of their loved ones. Protect your pictures and your baby by placing Perspex sheets into the frames so your baby can handle the pictures without breaking them.

4. Glass Shelves

Much like glass table tops, glass shelves are at risk of slamming damage. You need to decide if you want to replace your glass shelf with a Perspex shelf or use custom Perspex sheets to protect each layer of your shelf.

You can also cover glass shelves entirely with a large transparent sheet of Perspex. This will prevent your baby from pulling on the shelves but still allow you to use your shelves to display your ornaments etc.

5. Greenhouse Glass

If you enjoy gardening and have a glass greenhouse in your yard, cover your greenhouse with Perspex sheets. This will protect your baby should they accidentally collide with the greenhouse or hit it with an object. Don't worry — Perspex is highly transparent, even more so than glass in some cases, so your plants will still receive enough sunlight.

6. Glass Shower Screen

Bath and shower time are times of great joy for babies. But for a parent, this is a time when you need to be extra vigilant. If your current shower screen is glass, think about replacing it with a Perspex sheet instead. Perspex doesn't shatter like glass does, and even if it does break, the pieces will be large and dull, not tiny and sharp.

7. Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinets can be very dangerous to a baby, especially if they are within reach. Before your baby arrives, it might be a good idea to replace your glass cabinet doors with acrylic sheets. Or, you could, as a temporary measure, place Perspex sheets over them to protect your baby from broken glass.

If you are preparing your home for the arrival of a baby, now is a good time to baby-proof your home. The aforementioned tips can help you remove and replace glass items with Perspex, which is equally beautiful, but much safer.