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4 Reasons to Install Perspex Security Screens in Your Office Building

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If you need to set up a secure entrance area in a commercial building, then you might want to install some screening. While glass seems the obvious choice here, Perspex screens are a viable alternative.

Perspex has the clarity of glass and some advantages over it. What are they?

1. Extra Strength

Even toughened security glass has some weaknesses. This glass is hard to break but it isn't unbreakable. With enough effort, someone can break and breach a glass screen. This gives them immediate access to your building. Broken glass shards could also hurt your employees even if you use safety glass.

Perspex screens are stronger than glass. They won't break into pieces easily at all. Even hard and heavy impacts are more likely to bend the screens than break them.

So, you get more security. If someone tries to break in through your screens, you get plenty of time to deal with the situation.

2. Lighter Weight

Glass screens can be heavy. If you need to install screens on desks or tables, then you might need some reinforcement to bear the weight of the glass. Plus, your installation might take more time.

Perspex screens are much lighter than glass. You get a quick and no-fuss install. The screens won't need any reinforcing measures.

3. Custom Shaping

If you want to shape your screens, then you have a more complicated production process with glass. You might have to wait longer for your screens to arrive.

You might also not be able to create the shapes you want easily. You might have to use multiple screens to create the right coverage and effect.

Perspex lends itself to shaping better. You can create one-piece customised designs a lot more quickly and easily.

4. Cheaper Costs

High-quality toughened safety glass can be pricey. Plus, you'll also have higher costs if you custom shape your screens.

Your installation costs might not be cheap either. Installing heavy glass screens can be a time and labour-intensive process.

Perspex sheeting is cheaper to manufacture and buy. So your basic costs should be lower. Plus, you won't have such high installation costs as this whole process is quicker and easier. Your installation company won't need to spend much time on your site and they won't need as much manpower.

To see examples of security screens and to find out how they might work on your premises, contact Perspex manufacturers.