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Does Your Industrial Steam Boiler Need Repairs or Complete Replacement?

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Industrial equipment is expensive. And this unsurprising when you take into account the heavy-duty applications that the machinery is employed in. Not to mention the abrasive environments that they are exposed to in the form of high heat, toxic chemicals and more! One type of equipment that is integral for any industrial business that requires heated water for its operations is an industrial steam boiler. And while these boilers are designed with durability and longevity in mind, you should know that they are not immune to eventual deterioration.

Yet, many industrialists tend to think that since steam boilers are projected to last for several decades, then they will never need to replace in the short term. This is can be untrue. It is vital that you know the signs of degradation so that the safety of your premises is not compromised. This piece outlines a few symptoms indicative of impending boiler repairs or replacement.

Recurring leaks

The onset of leaks is one of the surefire signs that your industrial steam boiler requires immediate repairs. Leaks pose several hazards to your industrial business. Firstly, leaks signal a threat to the purity of your goods, since the damaged parts of the boiler could allow foreign particles and contaminated air to pollute the heated water. If you are in the food and beverage industry, this could wreak havoc for your business in terms of lawsuits due to selling substandard products.

Additionally, when leaks are left unattended, they pose the threat of eventual corrosion to the industrial steam boiler. Once rust has set in, the steam boiler is jeopardised beyond repair. Hence, your only solution would be seeking a replacement. Overall, the instant that you notice suspicious puddles of moisture close to your boiler or at its connection points, it is vital to seek immediate repairs.

Diminished efficiency

Efficiency is a critical aspect of running a successful industrial business, as this has an instantaneous effect on your bottom line. The less effective your operations, the higher your energy consumption, and this translates into extravagant electricity bills that could eat into the profits that you make. When you consider how much energy industrial steam boilers absorb when they are in use, you must make sure you are operating equipment that is working at optimum efficiency.

One thing you can monitor is how much steam the boiler is producing in relation to the amount of fuel that it is consuming. If the steam produced is dissipating, yet the boiler is taking up the same amount of energy, it is time to replace it with a newer model that will be more energy-efficient. Another sign of inefficiency to be wary of is incessant repairs, as this means spending extravagant amounts of money to keep the boiler functional.