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Have You Considered Fitting Hand Sanitiser Brackets?

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Most people understand the importance of cleansing their hands regularly to prevent the spread of infection. If your building is open to the public, or even if it is a school or an office which contains a large number of people moving around the building, then it isn't going to be long before people start to touch surfaces and contamination passes from person to person. Preventing the spread of infection in this way means ensuring that everyone in the building is able to cleanse their hands whenever they need to do so, and the best way to do that is installing frequent hand sanitiser stations.

Is space a problem?

Everyone understands the value in fitting hand sanitiser stations around your building, but that does often create another problem. If you need to install more than a few hand sanitiser stations, you will find they start to occupy a large amount of floor space that could be put to better use. If a lack of space is preventing you from installing the sanitiser stations that you need, then why not fit hand sanitiser brackets to your wall instead? Wall-mounted hand sanitiser stations will take up much less space and still allow your staff and visitors to keep their hands clean.

Choosing hand sanitiser brackets

While hand sanitiser brackets are a useful way of adding protection to your workplace, there are still a few things that you will need to think about before you order them. First, you will have to think carefully about where you locate them around your building. You may want one by the front entrance so that people can cleanse their hands as they enter the building, but where else should you choose? You must pick locations that are easily accessible but which won't lead to congestion as people queue up to access the hand sanitiser brackets. Another important consideration is how the hand sanitiser brackets will be filled. A bracket by itself is of no value to you. You will want to fill each bracket with a container of hand sanitiser. You must ensure that you know what size of hand sanitiser containers you will order and that you have a convenient source of containers for reorder.

Is signage required?

You might think that fixing hand sanitiser brackets to the wall is sufficient indication of their purpose, but it is surprising how they are often missed by visitors. It can help if you fit clear signage over the hand sanitiser brackets so that people have no excuse to walk past without using them.