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Why Powder Coating Is a Great Alternative to Wet Painting of Metals

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Powder coating systems are increasingly being used by metal fabrication companies in place of traditional wet paint finishes. This trend can be linked to the fact that powder coating has proven to deliver superior performance over wet paint in many ways.

Read on to discover some of the top reasons why powder coating is a great alternative to the conventional painting technique used in metal fabrication.

Powder Coating Lasts Longer Than Wet Paint

Metal materials are generally strong and durable but they require a surface finish is so they can last longer. Without a protective coating applied over their surfaces, metal products will wear down quickly due to constant exposure to certain elements. 

While both wet paint and powder coating help to resist scratching, chipping, fading and other elements that damage metals, powder coating provides a thick, dense finish that can outlast conventional paint. 

Powder Coating Reduces the Processing Time

Unlike conventional painting which involves applying several coats of liquid paint over the surface of metals, powder coating can match the desired level of protection in a single coat. That means it is a relatively quick and easy process that appeals to metal fabricators that strive for high production rates. 

The curing process for powder-coated parts usually takes place in a special oven, where the powder chemically reacts to the heat to form a durable finish in a few minutes. That eliminates the need to wait for the paint to dry before subsequent coats of paint can be applied. 

Powder Coating Is a Safer Choice for Workers and the Environment

One of the major drawbacks of wet paint is that it contains high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been associated with increased emission of greenhouse gases. These gases are a source of air quality issues worldwide.

As powder coating doesn't require the use of the VOC-containing solvents used when applying wet paint, it is a much better choice for the environment than conventional paint. Since they don't contain solvents that may cause skin, nose, mouth or throat irritation, powders also reduce the health hazards to workers.

Powder coating is increasingly being favoured over conventional wet painting due to the above reasons and more. The best part is, advances in technology are facilitating improvements in powder coating applications. If you have a job that requires the use of powder coating services, contact a metal powder coating company to discuss your needs and budget.