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Choosing the Best HVAC Ductwork for your Needs

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Forced air is one of the most popular and convenient ways to keep the air inside the house or other commercial building fresh. Typically, the building will have an air conditioner unit or heat pump installed in a central position, and then the rest of the rooms will be connected to it via ductwork or venting. The quality of the ductwork installed in a house determines how well each of the rooms will receive the heating and air conditioning from the central unit. If you are thinking about buying or installing an HVAC system, here are the qualities to look for in your ductwork.

Pick the Right Ductwork Materials

Ductwork is made from a variety of materials. It can either be flexible or rigid. Plastic tubing is one of the most common tubing varieties. It is basically plastic tubes that are flexible but coated with insulating material. People prefer the material because it is easy to install and cheap. However, it does not work well around tight corners in the home. Metal ductwork is also common. It is made of round and rectangular pipes which are galvanised to prevent corrosion. It is durable and can be moulded to bits which fit tight edges. Another common material is fibreglass. It is excellent because it does not need galvanising to prevent corrosion, and it is still strong and durable. Your budget and how long you want your ductwork to serve you should determine which material you choose.

The Ductwork Configuration

The ductwork size determines the airspeed and airflow inside the ductwork. When choosing ducts, you have to consider the HVAC demands of the house and pick the size which will deliver the right airflow to each of the rooms in the home. If you are not sure about making the measurements on your own, consult an HVAC expert to help you make accurate estimates and recommend the right size.

The Cost of the Ductwork

Different ductwork materials come at their own cost. Also, different ductwork suppliers will give you different offers for the ductwork. Compare the quality of each of the fabrications by different companies before settling on the one which gives you a balance of quality and cost-efficiency.

Ductwork installation is a delicate process which needs a lot of planning before implementation. It is advisable that you pick an HVAC ductwork supplier to handle the measurement, fabrication, design and installation of the system for you. This will give you a well-ventilated home throughout the year.