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Why Install Heavy-Duty PVC Swing Doors in Your Warehouse?

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While you might need to put a barrier between certain rooms and spaces in your factory, traditional doors won't work well in every location. If you want to block off a doorway, it may make more sense to use PVC doors.

These doors create a barrier between two rooms or areas; however, they are more flexible to use. People, and in some cases vehicles, can pass through them without having to use a handle to open or close them.

While some doorways suit regular PVC strip curtains, others work better with swing doors. How do these doors work and why install them in your warehouse?

How Do PVC Swing Doors Work?

Traditional PVC strip curtain doors use strips of sturdy PVC to create a barrier across all of a doorway. You pass through the door by pushing through the strips.

Swing doors also use PVC but more closely resemble traditional doors. So, a double swing product has two doors. Both open and close in either direction with a light push.

Some swing doors are simply made from sheets of PVC. These are meant for lightweight use.

Others have reinforcements added to them, usually on their bottom halves. These are better for heavy-duty use, say in areas where traffic includes machines and vehicles.

What Are the Benefits of Heavy-Duty PVC Swing Doors?

Swing PVC doors are often more flexible than strip curtains. People can push the whole door open with their hands or bodies without having to fight their way through strips that move at different times. They also block out the doorway more fully than strips which may blow around if there is a breeze.

This is also a better solution if you'll be pushing trolleys or driving forklifts through the doors. Forklift drivers don't have to deal with strips bashing against them. You reduce accidents as there are no strips to get caught on anything going through the space.

The extra reinforcement you get from a heavy-duty product is invaluable. These doors are made from more robust sheets of PVC with a reinforcing material at the base.

So, they'll last longer which is useful in high traffic areas where strips might get damaged with a lot of use. These doors are essential if you'll drive through them; they can cope with the extra stress of being pushed open by forklifts, for example.

To learn more about heavy-duty PVC doors, talk to suppliers and installers.