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Why Buy Mailing Tubes in Custom Sizes?

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Mailing tubes come in various sizes. Some are short; others are longer. Some have a wide diameter, while others are narrower. Sometimes, however, it pays to buy tubes in custom sizes. When is this a good idea?

You Want to Mail Non-Standard Items

If you mail regular-sized items like posters, artwork or blueprints, then you can probably easily find a mailing tube that is exactly the right size. The items you mail will fit in snugly and securely.

However, sometimes businesses mail items that are a different size to the norm. Your products or documents might be bigger than standard mailing tubes but smaller than extra-large ones. You may struggle to fit thicker items in the space you get in a regular tube; thinner items may get too much space rather than too little.

The whole point of a mailing tube is that it gives protection to paper-based items. The tube's cardboard is robust enough to cope with the postal system or with a courier service. The fact that you roll paper-based items up ensures that they ship in one piece without damage from folding.

However, if you don't use the right size of tube, then you can run into problems. If a tube is even a tiny bit small, then the item it carries could get bent at the edges. If the tube isn't wide enough to hold the item loosely, you might be tempted to roll it too tightly. This could cause damage at the other end if the person unpacking the tube can't get the item out. They could tear or crease it.

If you order a custom size, then you get exactly the right fit. Your items are delivered in a condition that keeps your customers satisfied.

You Want to Save Money on Postage Costs

If standard-sized mailing tubes don't quite fit your sizing needs, then you could end up paying over the odds for postage. For example, if you have to use an over-sized tube to fit a slightly larger-than-normal piece of artwork, then you'll pay to ship empty cardboard. Plus, if you have multiple orders but standard tubes aren't wide enough to take them all at once, then you will probably default to using multiple tubes. You'll pay for each one you send.

If you buy custom sizes, then your tubes fit exactly so your postal costs reduce per item. Plus, you can bundle up multiple pieces in one tube which gives you a single postage cost rather than multiple ones.

To find out more about custom sizes and how to choose the right one for your needs, talk to mailing tube suppliers.