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Spur Gears: What Are They And What Are Their Applications?

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Spur gears are standard mechanical components found in many modern industries. Mechanics and contractors use them to decrease or increase the speed of different devices. They are also used to multiply torque, and thus facilitate the transfer of power and motion between various moving parts.

Most spur gears are made of metals such as steel and brass and plastics — the main difference between the metal and the plastic spur gears is the noise they produce. Metal spur gears are noisy, while the plastic ones produce less noise, depending on the load capacity.

Uses of spur gears

As earlier mentioned, the primary purpose of a spur gear is to change speed and reduce torque. The functionality of the gear, however, depends on the distinct features that the spur gear manufacturer puts in the equipment. 

• Speed regulation- Spur gears reduce or add speed to the minute, second and hour hands of a clock. They also regulate the speed of electric screwdrivers, power plant machines and water systems.

• Power regulation- Spur gears adjust the power of clothes dryers, washing machines, fuel pumps and construction equipment. They are also ideal for cars, although the noisy nature of the gears makes them unfit for many vehicles uses.

Advantages of spur gears

Here are the main benefits which spur gears offer to industrial and mechanical processes:

• Straightforward design- Spur gears to have a simple design; hence, a spur gear manufacturer does not get many challenges when producing the beggars. A straightforward design makes the installation process more comfortable, even in restricted spaces.

• Reliable- Spur gears are the most reliable gears, as compared to their counterparts. They are durable and do not slip during operation. 

• Cost-effective- The simple design of spur gears makes the manufacturing process less expensive. When the cost of manufacturing is low, the cost of purchasing becomes low, too, and hence the users do not incur many expenses to purchase or replace the gears.

• Efficient- The efficiency of a spur gear ranges between 95 to 99 percent, which guarantees excellent results.

Spur gears are useful elements for industrial activities. The efficiency and reliability, however, partially depends on the expertise of the spur gear manufacturer. A well-experienced manufacturer makes the best quality gears using the best materials, thus increasing the efficiency of the gear. Research local spur gear manufacturers and suppliers so that you can get the right spur gear at an affordable price.